Doctorate – American University (ABD)

At the School of Public Affairs, my fields of focus were Justice, Law, & Society (“Criminology & Criminal Justice”) and Policy Analysis with Methodology (“Statistics”) as my third field.

My dissertation topic would haveĀ been on cyberterrorism or cybersecurity. Other fields that I have focused on in my research include biological and chemical attacks, identitiy theft, legal issues, and a variety of social policy issues.

I also have extensive experience in multivariate regression statistical analysis, research design, and survey design.



Master of Public Policy – Univ of MD

At the School of Public Policy, my primary specialization was International Security & Economics Policy. I also focused on Management & Leadership, especially in regard to negotiations, multi-party compromise, and effective personnel management. A significant amount of my time was also spent with policy analysis on social, intelligence, and security issues.

My Master’s Thesis was on cybersecurity, looking at the effects of a cyber attack on civilian targets (e.g. public utilities), the most likely methods of attack, and the best preventative measures. Similarly, I extended my conclusions for use by the federal government in protecting their non-military systems from external threats.



Bachelor of Arts – Univ of MD

In the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, I was a Government & Politics major with a minor in Public Policy. I focused on Homeland Security issues, defense policy, and international/multilateral agreements.



My Recent Work